ARC Review: A Blood Seduction (Vamp City, Book 1)

A Blood Seduction (Vamp City, #1)A Blood Seduction by Pamela Palmer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Marketed as a paranormal romance, A Blood Seduction is much closer to the genre of urban fantasy with strong romantic/lusty elements (there is only one instance of “doing the deed” and that is very close to the end of the book). Quinn Lennox is the lead, and while she might not be the usual kick-ass heroine usually drawn upon in this field, she is far from the weakling I’ve seen others refer to her as. Face it, she was in way over her head, there’s no way in hell she could ever be a contender against these vampires, at least not in this particular book. Heck, I bet the indomitable Buffy would have had trouble. She could be smart and she made the occasional dumb move, who hasn’t? I like the fact that she isn’t perfect. Okay, she has to be saved, a lot, and she doesn’t have the most memorable personality, but this is only the beginning of the series and there is plenty of time for her to grow and come into her own. I rooted for her all through the book. I wanted Quinn to save her brother Zack and his friend/potential girlfriend, Lily, I wanted her to be able to use her magic, and I just wanted her to succeed and become even stronger as a person.

The world is well drawn, mostly on account of it being a magical copy of Washington, D.C. circa 1870, but with some modern conveniences thrown in as well. Okay, so I did groan at the Washington, V.C. (Vampire City), it is a bit cheesy, but luckily it was usually called either Vamp City or V.C., which both fit the atmosphere of the book much better. Parts of the city are abandoned and decaying, others a thriving compound for the different vampire families, known as kovenas. The vampires themselves are killer, quite literally. Gone are the pantywaists of recent ilk, we’re going back to basics (mostly) here. Not only do they feed on blood, but some also have to feed on either fear or pain as well. They go from zero to sixty in about a second, they have the super strength, mind control to entrance their victim, they have slaves who adore them (called slavas), and boy, are they are mean. But hey, it’s just in their nature, they can’t help who they are, except maybe for the love interest and possible future heroes depending on how the series goes. For those who are fainthearted, this ain’t the book for you. There are numerous disturbing scenes that depict torture or gore, I can handle it, but not everyone can. Ye have been warned.

Speaking of the love interest, Arturo “Vampire” Mazzo, he was, well, certainly mysterious. Due to his unswerving allegiance to his master, Cristoff (who I pictured as a 25 year old Lucius Malfoy played by Jason Isaacs, with a black goatee:
Arturo would turn his back on Quinn, yet the further on the harder it was for him to do so. His loyalty was being tested because of his feelings for her. Just to make things clear, this is a messed up relationship, some may not like that, but I thought it added a dose of reality and interest to the circumstances. Sure I felt like Quinn was an idiot at times to be attracted to this untrustworthy vampire, especially the very first scene that was just too early in the story for that to be included, but overall it works for the book. My absolute favorite relationship is the sibling one between Quinn and Zack. I thought the author did an awesome job conveying just how much Zack means to her. Basically he is everything to her and all she has. Her father may be alive but he was never there for her, he always sided with her stepmonster (Zack’s mother) instead of his firstborn. Creep. Anyway, despite her stepwitch’s hatred of Quinn and that Zack adored her from the time of his birth, and vice versa, then after high school he moved to D.C. where she lived, he’s always been there for her, even when she was being punished. It’s really a sweet and respectful relationship. She’d do anything to save him and she tries like hell all throughout the book, which doesn’t always work out so well.

This is definitely the start to a series, and while there is an end to the book, there is still much to be told. In the fates of Vamp City, Quinn’s sorcery, the relationship between her and Arturo, plus much more I don’t want to give away. I’d recommend that if you’re looking for a romance to go elsewhere, but if you’re a fan of evil vampires, darkness, don’t mind abnormal relationships, and just want to have a bloody good time, then what are you waiting for?!

Originally Reviewed: September 20, 2012
Received: Amazon Vine


7 thoughts on “ARC Review: A Blood Seduction (Vamp City, Book 1)

  1. Ooh, old-school vampires! Finally! This sounds like an interesting read. (BTW you’re missing the end parenthesis on your description of Cristoff as Lucius Malfoy. Just though I’d let you know. ^_^ )

    • No kidding, it’s about time. Actually, I’m not so sure you’d like this book much, or rather Quinn, Arturo, and their relationship. O_o (Gee, everyone’s a grammar critic. *rolls eyes* It was a pain editing this everywhere [I always forget to remove the spoilers between GR to here the first go ’round] and the parenthesis was there [no really, it was! :D], but it somehow escaped when I was mucking about editing and re-editing, and then editing some more. And then of course I find a sentence or mistake after I’ve posted at all three places, so then have to change it individually everywhere. Ugh! It’d be nice if only for one time it would just be fine as is, no editing needed. If only…. I bet you didn’t expect this kinda reply. ;P)

      • I know. Sparkly vampires have had their run; it’s time for them to be run off with torches and pitchforks. ;D Why? Was the relationship particularly gooey, or just infuriating? (Your review sounds like it’s leaning towards the infuriating.) Hey, I don’t care if you edit your review, I just thought I’d let you know about the missing parenthesis. πŸ˜› I know, things tend to disappear when you’re moving reviews from one place to the next; I’ve had punctuation disappear on me while posting a review at Amazon, which is really irritating. :/ If only… Actually, I kinda did. πŸ˜€

  2. No, not gooey at all, nor really infuriating (to me), but if it’s viewed as an actual romance, it wouldn’t exactly be healthy. Except maybe compared to 50 Shades and that ilk. I just accepted the relationship as it is to who they both are and the circumstances and I think it made sense that way. But that’s me, everyone reads something different to it, like I read one review that said it was emotional abuse. That’s fine, it can be inferred that way, though the one said to be the abuser is a vampire and not a neutered one at that. He says many times throughout the book, “that is our nature” and things like that. It’s all in how the book is viewed, I guess, and I didn’t view it as a PNR or as abuse. Besides, I lived through Spike and Buffy’s relationship and that wasn’t exactly normal. πŸ˜›

    Ahh, disappearing punctuation, a distant relation to Murphy I think. ;D

    • Ah, I see. True, everyone’s going to come at it with their own history and perspective, but I lived through Buffy and Spike as well (and actually thought their relationship worked, even for all that it wasn’t normal or healthy), so I still think I’d like to try reading this. Don’t know when, but I’ll at least put it on my list. ;P

      Yes, methinks so as well. πŸ˜€

      • Me too @ the Buffy/Spike (I’m sorry, but I have a hard time calling them Spuffy. I’m just against name splices, though I have to say at least Spuffy is fun to say. :P) relationship. Just thought I’d throw out the warnings to help you decide one way or another. πŸ™‚

  3. Oh, good, it’s nice to know I wasn’t the only one who felt that way about Spuffy (right there with you with the name-splicing phenomenon–man, people are so lazy, they just can’t make the effort to say the individual names *rolls eyes*–but you’re right, Spuffy is hilarious! :D). Appreciate it! πŸ™‚

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