A reader who likes to escape into books. My favorite genres are historical fiction, urban fantasy, and mystery, with some YA and romance thrown in as well. I’m not so fond of self-help, memoirs, bestsellers, and if you come at me with a literary book, I will run as fast as I can in the opposite direction. All you’ll see in my wake is a cloud of dust. While I do enjoy non-fiction every so often, it takes me a very long time to read due to all the facts that can be crammed into the book (and my pea brain).

My reviews are 100% my own thoughts and feelings of what I read, both good and bad. They are typically short and to the point, are on occasion humorous or slightly snarky, but never mean-spirited. I’m not one to write reviews that are a book unto their own, though it’s been known to happen, so your eyes should be safe from becoming permanently crossed.


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