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A few people may wonder what my blog’s name means or refers to. I decided to base it on my most favorite-est movie ever, the 1949 Ealing Studios classic, Kind Hearts and Coronets. The film features the perfectly cast Dennis Price, without whom the movie would not work so well, as Louis Mazzini, a poor relation of the D’Ascoyne family, who schemes to murder the eight D’Ascoynes who stand before him in line to inherit the title and riches. He keeps track of their deaths by crossing them out on the family tree he keeps on the back of a picture on the wall. Those eight D’Ascoynes, both male and female, are gleefully played by (Sir) Alec Guinness. Also featured is Joan Greenwood as the diabolically delectable Sibella and Valerie Hobson as Edith, the sweet and kind widow of one of the unfortunate murdered D’Ascoynes that Louis falls for. This is black humor at its best and I highly recommend checking the film out. And yes, it is in black and white. 😛


7 thoughts on “My Blog’s Name

    • I had always planned an explanation but hadn’t gotten around to it until now(ish). 😀 It’s been a loooooonnng time since my last viewing, but it’ll have to wait a little longer still, I have the first seasons of Growing Pains and Punky Brewster out from the library and then it’ll be time for Hallowe’en-themed movies (or should I say boo-vies? LMAO). 😛 Perhaps in November or December I’ll get to it.

      • Hey, it’s not like you’re on a timetable, so now(ish) works just fine. 😀 Oh, man, it’s been forever since I’ve seen either of those two shows! I’d love to see them again, especially Punky Brewster (she was my idol because she had such a cool style). Oh, yeah, gotta start planning which movies to watch for Halloween. (Sorry, boo-vies sounds too much likes boobies. That’s probably just my dirty mind, though. ;P) I’m still going to check if TCM will be showing it anytime soon.

  1. I know. 🙂 I was so young when Punky began (I was the ripe age of one. LOL) I don’t even remember watching it, though I believe I did see it every so often during its last season or two. That’s actually become a theme. I’m like “I was only ‘this old’ when that show started! Unbelievable!” It’s no wonder I don’t remember much of some shows. Like Growing Pains started in ’85, so I had to have seen it both on its first run and on repeats because I remember seeing the kids super young too. (Yeah, that’s definitely your dirty mind, all I thought about were ghosts and goblins and Halloweeny things. :D)

    • Sadly enough, I was much older when both Punky Brewster and Growing Pains premiered (which probably explains why Punky was my fashion idol for a time–we were contemporaries–and why I had a crush on Kirk Cameron–before he went all psycho with his Christianity :P). (Fine, I have a dirty mind. I’m okay with that. :D)

      • Oops, didn’t mean to make you feel old there. 😛 (Clarissa was probably my fashion icon, but I really can’t remember who may’ve been, which leads me to believe that I’ve always suffered from memory loss. LOL j/k Wow, by becoming a Christian, did Kirk totally crush your girlish dreams? LMAO He was a cutie, even in the reunion show in 2006 he looked good. Unfortunately there’s only the first two seasons of GP on DVD, don’t know if they’ll ever release the rest. :() (Well, bully for you! :D)

  2. That’s okay, it doesn’t take much to make me feel old nowadays. 😛 (Oh, yeah, Clarissa Explains It All, another show I’d like to revisit. MJH was so adorable! No, it wasn’t his Christianity that turned me off, it was his militant attitude which totally crushed my girlish dreams. 😦 LOL j/k Yeah, he still looks boyishly handsome, even if he is a nut. I don’t know why these studios have to torture us by only releasing the first couple of seasons of shows to DVD. Yeah, so most of these shows aren’t stupendously popular, but with the low cost of DVD production anymore, it just makes sense to go ahead and release the entire run of a show–a studio will recoup any loss incurred, if they incur a loss at all. Stupid people. >{) (Thank you! ;D)

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